Maplewood-Cedar Grove-Hebrew Cemeteries Project

A New Doorway into Kinston's History

The Kinston Historic Cemeteries task force, in cooperation with the Pride of Kinston, Inc and the Lenoir County Historical association, is engaged in a campaign to create a new entrance way into Kinston's historic Maplewood-Cedar Grove - Hebrew Cemeteries.

Designed in 2010 by Kinston native Brook Jones, student at North Carolina State University's School of Design, and adopted by Pride of Kinston, Inc., the new entrance into the historic burial grounds is offered to honor the memories and achievements of those buried in these sacred grounds.

Pride of Kinston's participation in the project is aimed at improving the appearance of a major entrance into the city's downtown while acknowledging the historical significance of the place.

"These grounds reflect much f Kinston's civic history," according to task force chair Carol Southerland. "The graves here are the final resting places for many of the region's leaders of long ago, and more recently."

As part of a national movement to honor old burial grounds as major historical assets, the Kinston organization is compiling a complete record of those interred in the 21.4 acre site.

The group has also organized landscaping projects, a series of "community days" and a special Vespers service to acknowledge the impact of those buried in Maplewood - Cedar Grove-Hebrew cemeteries on the area's history.

The names of African Americans, whites and Jewish residents flow throughout once-segregated site reflecting living patterns which existed in earlier times.

The oldest graves date to the early 1800's. Although no new plots are available, there are grave sites purchased years ago for current day burials.

The cemeteries are maintained by the City of Kinston. Descendants and families of those buried therein take care of individual graves.

Will You Help?

Descendants of those buried in the historic burial grounds

Those who have plans to be buried in this special place

Those interested in the history and achievements of those who have gone before

You are invited to contribute to this special campaign, a campaign...

To honor the individual memories of those whose final resting places are in these historic grounds

To recognize and acknowledge the contributions make by individuals to the history and development of this region of North Carolina

Specific Gift Opportunities

  • Iron Fence and Arch ($11,900)
  • 8 Metal Benches ($8,400 @ $1,050 each)
  • 13 Column Lights ($10,400 @ $800 each)
  • 10 Light Posts (Ranging from $1,400-$1,500 each)
  • Brick Walls (Ranging from $2,100 - $2,400 each)
  • Sign ($1,250)
  • 15 Columns ($13,500 @ $900 each)
  • Landscaping - trees, plants, hedges, etc. ($31,064 - ranging from $60 to $600 each)
  • Centipede Sod ($11,800)
  • Pine straw ($1,300)
  • Irrigation ($30,000)
  • Walkway Pavers ($31,400 @ $100 each with engraving)
  • Pervious Parking Pavers ($36,800)

Call 252-522-8003 for additional information and for a detailed listing of the items needed.

Send your contribution to:

Pride of Kinston
327 North Queen Street
Kinston, NC 28501
ATTN: Carol Southerland

Mark the memo space: Kinston Historic Cemetery Task Force.

Thank you for helping.


Pride of Kinston

Local Historical Resources

Kinston is rich in local history, and rich in opportunities to explore that history. Please see our Links page for some of the ways you can find out more.

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